Warhammer Board Game Space Hulk Enters Preorders

Developer Full Control, also responsible for the free-to-play game Frontline Tactics, has announced preorders for Space Hulk. This PC game, also coming to iOS devices, is a direct adaptation of the board game from Games Workshop’s Warhammer franchise in the same name.

Those that preorder the game at a price of €27.99 will receive two pieces of exclusive downloadable content (DLC). One is a banner usable in multiplayer sessions and the other is a Genestealer skin, applicable in singleplayer.

Space Hulk pc board game Preorder Banner and Genestealer Skin

Space Hulk will arrive on PC this August 15th. It features the Sin of Damnation campaign from the board game, which pits the Space Marine Blood Angels faction against alien Genestealers. Here’s a trailer.


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