The First 15 Minutes Of Indie Game: The Movie Remind Me Phil Fish Isn’t a Bad Person

It’s been a bad day; personal reasons. Consider this write up as therapy. That’s not important though. Instead, it’s probably a lot more interesting to look at someone else who had a bad time recently: Phillippe Poisson. That’s pretty literal French for Phil Fish. The more you know.

Ironically, I was watching Indie Game: The Movie today, to gain some perspective on this whole debacle of the Fez creator and the scorn of online masses. It’s always been imprinted in me that somehow Phil Fish wasn’t the douche the internet periodically makes him out to be, due to his “provocative” behavior. It’s more than understandable that the internet takes a neutral message filled with hate and sees it as hateful. That’s how the anonymous barrier of this technology works. Communities are built on ambiguity. You can Google the term “Poe’s Law” for that. However, a message isn’t always as neutral as it seems. Body language is a thing too and that’s where Indie Game paints the portrait of Fish that originally made me feel like the developer was one of the most human in the industry, if such a thing would be an adjective. It’s in his contradictory messages that spiral from deep passions to passionate rage, to raging depths even. It’s all connected; all in one.

Any still from sections with Phil could’ve been used to illustrate my point. Those fiery eyes, enlarged to puppy-like extent by his glasses; those tell the loving tale behind the hateful spite. It’s a half-smile, wanting to break out, but weighed down by guilt or self-imposed pressures; those aren’t seen through an online avatar. Insecurities are the mind killer and the internet will aggrandize this. Yet, he makes this conflict abundantly clear in the beginning of the movie already and that in surprising succinct ways. I was capturing this moment in .gif format, before my misfortune. It’s only fitting I’d come full circle on it.

Phil1 Phil2 Phil3 Phil4

Don’t be an endless circle. Don’t let hate get you down, leading you to be hateful, leading others to respond hatefully, resulting in renewing the process. Break that circle, somehow. Find a way or let others guide the way. Phil Fish decided to cancel Fez 2 and get out of the game industry as a radical rupture, despite his enamored plea in the documentary about following his dream since age 4. That’s one way to do it.

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