2D Physics Puzzler Cubicity Gets Free Demo And Indiegogo Campaign

I have a love-hate relationship with slow news weeks. One, because it makes it hard to bring you guys good content, but on the other hand it does make us more creative in our search and brings up some neat things we didn’t know yet.  Our first serving of this is Cubicity, a 2D puzzles with physics, similar to Portal.

Cubicity PC ios android game screenshot

I say similar, because using portals and cubes and alternate guns seem a tad on the nose when it comes to inspiration. Still, if you like puzzles, it does have a lot of differing elements to switch up levels. There’s a free demo out now to support the Indiegogo campaign in need of some serious love. It only requires $6,500 to be made and the demo seems like it already has its design pretty refined. You can score the game by pledging as little as $3, with just $5 getting you into the credits. Its highest tier is $100 and gets you into the development process. I’m always a fan of humble projects.

You can download the demo of Cubicity here.


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