Classic, Top Down Race.a.bit Free For Limited Time Only

We have some more goodies in store for you, after yesterday’s Portal-ish physics puzzler Cubicity. Today, we take a look at Race.a.bit, who just released for PC, Android and iOS.

This racing title comes from Headup Games, who is also responsible for the Grotesque Tactics series and games like Stellar Impact. For this speedy game, they’ll take us back to classic 8-bit times, with top down driving like early Micro Machines titles. Aside from a set of tracks and old fashioned bit tunes, players can also create their own levels from scratch in an easy editor. We tried it firsthand and it’s possible to plop out a level in one minute, if needed. It comes with tons of special sections like jump pads, erupting volcanoes or even flying saucers.

Race.a.bit pc ios android free game

Headup Games has made the game nearly completely free to download for the first few weeks, so pick it up now. All you need to is put up one tweet or Facebook post through a link. That said, they did sneak in most of the content behind an account, so be prepared to give your email details to yet another company, lest the digital rights management upset you.

You can download Race.a.bit free here.


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