Dwarf Fortress / Minecraft Inspired DwarfCorp Gets Free Prototype Download

I’ll be passing out some more free downloads, after Cubicity and Race.a.bit, because I can and because I care. Another interesting PC title I’ve come across is DwarfCorp, where you play in a randomly generated voxel world with a band of pixelated little people. Sure, it’s inspired by Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress, but even the former was basically a re-skin of a prior game.

So, you’ll be managing your colony of dwarves to gather tons of resources, like picking fruit or mining ore. And yes, these gnomes do know how to get to profit. You sell stuff. There is a prototype out now if you want to try it. It already has some quality builder simulation ideas, so feel free to give it a spin.

We’ll link to their main page, because the game also has a Kickstarter still running you may want to support if you want more features. You can find the DwarfCorp prototype in the “downloads” section.


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