Tons Of Screenshots, Video And Info Reveal For Pokémon X/Y: Mega Evolution, Super Training And More

It looks like Pokémon X and Pokémon Y on Nintendo 3DS will continue to add novelties to the game design, slightly going beyond previous iterations. One of the new announcements include Mega Evolution, as a superlative to regular evolution.

In practice, this means that a certain amount of Pokémon can rise above their usual pinnacle whilst in combat and while carrying a certain item. For instance, a Lucario holding the Mega Stone of his type, a Lucarionite, will transform to Mega Lucario, if all other requirements are met. This is also confirmed for Mega Mewtwo and Mega Blaziken, with the latter only yielding their Mega Stone through special Wi-Fi events. You’d like a video of that? You got it.

Another addition to gameplay is a Super Training event that lets players raise the stats of their Pokémon, if they complete these regimens. They’ll be set up with 2 sides of robots trying to fire shots in an opponent’s goal. Succeeding in these also yields training bags that allow for more relaxed Core Training.

Finally, a new gym leader is announced, by the name of Korrina. She’ll reside in the seaside town of Shalour City. A normal type Bunnelby Pokémon, a grass type Skiddo and the new fairy Pokémon Dedenne are part of this stream of content as well. We have screenshots of all these things, because we care.


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