Indie Flight Simulation Vector Thrust Headed To Steam + Cel-Shaded Screenshots

It seems there’s no stopping Iceberg Interactive and their indie announcement, as the publisher just released a deal to bring Vector Thrust to PC in early 2014. This game mixes the realism of flight simulations with a more arcade cel-shaded presentation.

It’s currently under production by Portuguese developer TimeSymmetry and will include a selection of over 150 planes. Players will be able to embark on a singleplayer campaign or take on dogfights in multiplayer. It’s already been approved for a Steam release, quite like the new Gas Guzzlers game. Publishers may get a bad rep, but in this case it’s at least admirable that small games can piggy back on them to immediately get to prominent digital distribution, without having to resort to the perilous Steam Greenlight campaign.

We have some screenshots for Vector Thrust, which we’ll place below. It sort of reminds us of those open missions in Zone of the Enders 2. Take that, nostalgia!


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