Fighter Within Xbox One Exclusive Screenshots, Logo, Video And More

Sometimes, I go through ridiculous lengths to bring you content and then it never appears, because other games keep me occupied. That’s the case for this post for Fighter Within, an Xbox One exclusive fighting game that will use Kinect to bridge the gap between game and reality.

Fighter Within Xbox One Kinect Exclusive game logo art transparent

I’ve loaded up all the assets for the game and even went as far as downloading a 200MB source file to extract a transparent logo out of there and scale it back to appropriate web use. That’s the stuff I do. So, I’ll give you all you need to know on Fighter Within in the galleries below, complete with artwork and stuff, even if it’s a few days late now.

Do I believe Fighter Within is going to be a successful mixture of fighting and motion sensors or just another version of Fighters Uncaged? I can’t rightly tell; I haven’t seen enough practice of the new Kinect yet. All I know is that I wrote a piece on why Kinect would never work. Now, if this were an Oculus Rift game, we’d be talking differently.


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