Ubisoft Is Still Hitting Free-to-Play Hard With Gamescom Videos

Everyone is aware of Ubisoft’s big productions at Gamescom. They passed no a few, like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, The Division, The Crew and Splinter Cell: Blacklist. There’s even an exclusive fighter coming for Xbox One. However, one of the company’s lesser known efforts is its strong foot in the free-to-play community. In total, four new clips were released for upcoming and ongoing free PC titles.

A first and anticipated title is Might & Magic Heroes Online, which will translate much of its core gameplay to browsers for free. Players return to Ashan and train their heroes to raise massive armies and duel in turn-based combat on hex tiles. Cooperative efforts are available as well.

For more strategic gold, Panzer General Online will allow players to take part in classic warfare. Here as well, battles will take place with turn-based combat. Additionally, it’s possible to collect cards with units and partake in multiplayer events.

Those in need for even more classic gameplay can still amuse themselves with The Settlers Online, which is getting an update with lots of new content. New buildings offer new ways to advance the colony and science will do so as well. There are even a few magical buildings. A total of 5 new adventures are added, along with the enemies that go with them.

If you prefer embarking on a new classic, Anno Online is in the works and uses the gameplay of its older iterations, not so much the futuristic Anno 2070.


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