1 Year Of Guild Wars 2 Comes With Neat Infographic

It goes by so fast: Guild Wars 2 is 1 year old and has released some interesting numbers to celebrate this. By now, it should be apparent that the massive online (MMO) PC title was a roaring success, but it’s still impressive that it was this successful. In fact, the infographic that was released for this news starts off by proclaiming that the game was the fastest selling MMO ever released. Take that, World of Warcraft.

More statistics follow such as the launch peak of well over 400,000 players at one time, which was quite the pain, but still playable. That alone is commendable. Also, it seems my choice of a Charr and Norn character didn’t match up to the community’s large preference to human characters, which made up 36% of all choices. Then again, my Engineer choice was just as poorly chosen, against much more popular classes. Guess I’ll take out my hipster glasses. There are many more stats to be seen in the infographic, which we’ll post below.

Guild Wars 2 MMO RPG pc game 1 year anniversary infographic


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