Sanctum 2 Gets DIY Ruins of Brightholme DLC + Screenshots

First-person tower defense game Sanctum 2 will receive another batch of downloadable content (DLC) on PC this week. On September 6, the Ruins of Brightholme DLC will be available through Steam for $4.99 or included for those that have purchased a season pass.

Included in the DLC are multiple features, such as 4 new interactive maps with booby traps that explode or pools of toxic liquid that alter the map and force players to adjust. Weapons will receive the addition of a Nail Gun and Circle Saw for DIY monster killing. To offset that, new monsters like a Jumper that leaps over obstacles will join the fray, as will an Infected Explorer with regenerative powers and large melee strength. New buildings come in the form of Rupture Mines, which damage enemies based on velocity, while a Makeshift Tower is a gamble that either strikes with critical hits or shuts down. Aside from that, 7 new perks are added and the level cap is increased by 5.

Here are some screenshots of the new goodies.


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