Girl Fight Looks Like An Old, Tired Dead Or Alive

Girl Fight transparent boobsKung Fu Factory released a new gameplay trailer depicting its characters in Girl Fight, an upcoming game about girls fighting. It once was announced with translucent boobs, before fading away in obscurity. It doesn’t look like it’s diverting from that gimmicky course though. In the clip, we see 3 girls, all with the same slender frame, inhuman traits and scant clothing pummel and grab each other, like you would in a fighting game. Their bone structure seems to allow for their disproportionate figures to bust moves like stretching legs far beyond what us mortals could do. This could go on by slandering the sexualized appeal of Girl Fight more, but that’s not what this is about, at least not directly.

The culprit of my tired wincing.

What I find sadder about Girl Fight is its obviousness and reliance on this thigh high boots, tits out, poorly animated fighting design of days past. Looking over some of the moves and bland stages, which I truly hope are only filler, this game looks like Dead Or Alive 2 (DOA), a game I loved, back in 2000. However, therein also lays the problem. While Girl Fight will release this month on Xbox 360 and PS3, it looks like an old iteration of ten years ago. The problem is not so much the sexualized content, also present in other games, but the fact it doesn’t even try to pull off anything worthwhile in itself. This will sell by name alone: “Girl Fight.” Might as well have gone for “Blood On Tits,” but I guess that wouldn’t get rated. Even DOA moved on to many more iterations since then. Even Tecmo  Koei tries to put an incredible production value and variety of characters and levels in its breast jiggle simulation. Judging from this seemingly promotional clip, girls fighting will be all you’ll get and you’ll love it or hate it.

Girl Fight box art mockup ps3 xbox 360 game

This is the box art taken from the site. Sexual tension is perfect for also beating each other to bits, right?

Again, I’d like to make clear I have no issue with sexualized content, within the context that it’s not the sole base of a medium, outside of specific areas. I reviewed and thoroughly enjoyed the likes of Acceleration Of Suguri X Edition or Arcana Heart 3. I even uphold the latter as a shining example in the fighting genre, despite it being obviously tinted. I do so, because titles like those offer something worthwhile, different, unique from their peers. It doesn’t look like Girl Fight will do this, judging from its promotional footage. If it’s going to step up the game, it will have a lot of proving to do still and that with just a few weeks to go.

Developer Kung Fu Factory is no newcomer in the fighting genre. It was at the helm of, admittedly the least welcomed, Mortal Kombat games for a while. It even produced Supremacy MMA, which I heralded to the heavens and am still trying to get my hands on. That game is bone-crushing goodness. Supremacy has its own design. Let’s hope that the same drive is available for Girl Fight. I’m not even going to touch on the fact Civilization company Microprose is involved in this somehow.


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