Marvel Heroes MMO 1.2 Gets Emma Frost, Black Cat, Extra Modes And Gameplay Videos

Comic book online brawler Marvel Heroes is up to update 1.2 now and this has launched some additional content. Now, in the massive multiplayer online (MMO) game, players can look forward to new characters, game modes and locations.

For starters, difficulty modes now include Normal, Heroic and Super Heroic, to give veterans a challenge as well. A new zone called Queens Bank Heist is added, which harbors Black Cat. There are also new Relics, Uniques and Artifacts to look forward to.

Emma Frost New X-Men naked costume marvel heroes pc mmo rpg game

Maybe this is why I’m missing out on the new X-Men. That outfit seems to translate weird in polygons.

Last but not least, the promised Emma Frost takes the stage as a playable character. She can use her mind to launch powerful attacks or control enemies, like in the gameplay trailer, where she makes a dinosaur her slave.

There are also character profiles for Spider-Man, Thing Fear Itself and Cable, which give us a rundown of their skills and some tips on how to play with the heroes. In particular, we think Spider-Man might be the most overpowered with his ability to slow down hordes and become nearly invulnerable for a period of time.


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