Nyu Media Resolves Paypal Freezing Issues With Yatagarasu Game

Publisher Nyu Media announced today that they resolved outstanding financial issues with Paypal, regarding their Indiegogo campaign. They’ve expressed their gratitude with due credit to social media and publications, which prompted for support of the company’s struggles.


Yesterday, Nyu Media announced Paypal issues on their upcoming fighter Yatagarasu’s campaign page, stating that “PayPal advises us that they have ‘reserved’ the funding and will release ‘up to 50% of the funds’ before Yatagarasu AoC is released.” This would mean that the game would have to be made without the financial support of these online contributions, which is the entire point of crowdsourcing projects. Noting similar cases with games like Skullgirls, Nyu Media passed on some scruples about this strange practice. Luckily, this has come to a speedy conclusion and all adverse settings of their Paypal accounts were removed.

Their game, Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm, is a traditional 2D fighter, in collaboration with SNK veterens and King of Fighters creators. This isn’t the publisher’s first foray in the fighting genre. I previously reviewed Fairy Bloom Freesia, which followed a similar style in simpler format. Yatagarasu certainly sounds promising.


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