Get Scared In Modern Day Berlin With Kickstarter Game U55

It’s pretty obvious that survival horror games are on the rise. With the latest batch of 100 games to come through Steam Greenlight, many offer some sort of first-person survival element. Games like Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Outlast are going toe to toe for supremacy and Paranormal has just hit Early Access as well. If you’re not sick of it yet, then you should definitely look into another example in the genre, currently trying to make it through Kickstarter: U55 – End of the Line.

U55 pc survival horror game

Here, the story is set in modern day Berlin and so you’ll have access to modern day equipment, such as a smartphone. A gameplay video takes a look at some stunning visuals with lots of lighting effects on the side. However, the pretty neat implementation this mature title wants to introduce is binaural beats, which triggers latent emotions in people through sound. They’re linked to an urban myth regarding a creepy Pokémon tune, but its core is based on genuine frequency studies. Oh, did we mention a link to Lovecraft lore? That would also be a thing to watch out for this game.

A copy of the game starts at $25. You can donate to U55 – End of the Line here.


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