Be Mine Special Edition Has 6 Steam Games And More For $5

Another Groupees promotion has landed with the Be Mine Special edition bundle. A selection of 6 games is equally divided in 2 tiers of 3 Steam games each, with bonuses. Starting at just $1, you can get the following titles:

  • Ravaged – Zombie Apocalypse
  • MacGuffin’s Curse
  • Tower Wars

You may remember the first-person shooter Ravaged from its original release, with Mad Max-like landscapes and shootouts. Now, it has added zombies, because they’re zombies. In MacGuffin’s Curse, you help a poor soul sneak through a selection of puzzles. More strategic puzzling can be done in the hex-based Tower Wars.

Ravaged pc game

For $5 or more, you’ll also receive 3 more titles. We’ll list those down here as well:

  • Hamilton’s Great Adventure
  • Krater – Collector’s Edition
  • Zombie Driver HD

Adventurers can collect treasures in the perilous levels of Hamilton’s Great Adventure, which also packs its downloadable content in the bundle. For more action, the roleplaying title Krater has your looting needs set. Even more active, you can race through zombie land in Zombie Driver HD.

Several bonuses have already been unlocked, which add more games to the total. As an additional incentive, all Steam titles are eligible for their Trading Cards system.

You can buy the Be Mine Special Edition bundle here.


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