2 Minutes To Show If You Should Play Ridge Racer Driftopia

So, Ridge Racer Driftopia is out now for public access and it’s free and it’s on PC. It sounds like a dream come true for the old guard, who’ve long since abandoned their console booties for the PC master race. Still, Ridge Racer has changed a tad since its departure from Playstation exclusivity. Some may have noticed when Ridge Racer Unbounded dropped its takedowns and crashes onto other platforms. In Driftopia, it’s the exact same thing, but free. Oh, also, some other things are put in for your enjoyment.

Watch the following video.

That’s the experience of Ridge Racer Driftopia in a nutshell. However, if you want some more, there’s also a clip where eventually there is other stuff to watch. It’s still bogged down with free to play elements though. There’s no escaping that, no matter how fast you drive.


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