Take A Look At Shiny Indie Shooter E.T. Armies

A new game has popped up on Steam Greenlight called E.T. Armies. It’s a first-person shooter currently in development, which uses the Unreal Engine.

ET armies pc shooter fps gameplay screenshots

For an independently developed game, it certainly has some amazing visuals. Lighting flares are more prevalent than a J.J. Abrams movie and its futuristic scope lets everything reflect nicely. It may not have an original setting, with an alien infested Earth, but it certainly does look nice and seems to have solid gunplay in its gameplay trailer. Don’t worry about the language; the press release mentions that the game will have English voices. Just look at the shiny colors.

Standing out on Steam Greenlight can be heard, midst the slew of similar content. Showing off incredibly potent visual skill is one of the best ways for games to get noticed. Now let’s hope that gameplay is more versatile than just shooting galleries. Give E.T. Armies a Greenlight vote here.


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