Here’s 20 Minutes Of How Urban Trial Freestyle Looks Like On PC

Fans of motorcycles and weird stuff will be pleased to know that Urban Trial Freestyle is coming out on PC today. It’s hitting Steam the next time it refreshes new content. It has already released on Playstation Network and the Nintendo eShop to some critical acclaim before, despite its obvious link to Ubisoft’s Trials franchise.

Urban trial freestyle stream

However, is it just as fun to speed through crazy, exploding levels on PC, as it was on other platforms? Sure, it is and I did a little stream to give you an idea of how the game will look like later today. It involves some random objectives, like jumps and such, but also small obstacles that powe as puzzles and lots of level recognition. Additionally, there are mild enhancement options and customized content. Watch the video for full gameplay commentary.

I haven’t put enough time in to know if it has anything to offer outside of the Trials spectrum, but it is enjoyable at face value, that much is certain. There’s probably a recorded session coming up in higher quality, when review craziness dies down. Hopefully, Urban Trial Freestyle will add mod support to the game close after launch, because there’s none so far and the replay value of the game would exponentially increase with it. It will need it to beat the pricing of Trials, which is just a few bucks more expensive, but does support level editors.


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