Unlock The Hidden Steam Beta Of God Game Reus To Add New Gameplay Modes

Developer Abbey Games, the creators of Reus, have some more information regarding their prime title. After a few updates, adding content for free, the god game now added a Beta for additional game modes. It’s accessible to all on Steam, granted you opt in.

Reus pc god game steam protected beta

To access the new game content, you’ll need to right click on the game, view “Properties,” then click “Betas.” There, find the tab to opt in and click the “Protected Beta” one. It won’t require a password.

Reus steam protected beta gameplay god sim screenshots

If all goes well, a small update will be downloaded. Now, boot the game up. You should see some “Advanced” options, when you try a new game. Here are the additional gameplay modes that are added in this section:

  • Planet Size
  • Titan Mode – You can’t save your game to cheat
  • No Pause – Completely disables spacebar-pause
  • God Mode – Giants are almost indestructible (enables Alt mode)
  • Max Mode – 4 Ambassadors on a giant unlocks all its abilities (enables Alt mode)
  • Speed Mode – Halves cooldown, doubles movement speed (enables Alt mode)
  • Explorer Mode – Get additional bonus for higher level nature resources (enables Alt mode)
  • Random Start – Starts the game with 6 random ambassadors on giants (enables Alt mode)

Reus steam protected beta gameplay god sim screenshots

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