Level Up Wear Partners With Bethesda For Official Apparel

After Wargaming went into business with a clothing manufacturer for their wares, Bethesda Softworks is now teaming up with Level up Wear to bring their games to apparel. Companies have exchanged a 3-year license agreement to print nifty things on shirts, hoodies, iPhone cases, bracelets and more.

While the service will launch on October 15, 2013, preorders are now available on the Level Up Wear store. Games include the Elder Scrolls series, Dishonored and Fallout. Some of the items look rather spiffy, though we sure hope the quality is decent for the €19.99 novelty price tag of shirts. On that note; the World of Tanks shirt we received isn’t torn to shreds yet, so good news. Also, a reward point system is set up at the store for buying a lot of items, which go towards purchases of other things. So, if we can give you a tip: Grab a friend in an amicable fashion and shop together. We picked out some of the coolest designs and posted them below. Tell us your favorite one; ours would be The Elder Scrolls Online.

You can preorder official Bethesda apparel here.


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