Rise Of Venice Launches With Trailer, Kalypso Makes Budget Label

Publisher Kalypso Media has launched another strategy game on Steam with Rise of Venice, which costs $39.99 or the not-so-nice conversion of €39.99 if you happen to actually live in Venice. You’ll be able to figure out why you pay 30% more while you hone your trading skills in this game set around the Mediterranean.

Aside from seafaring and stockpiling goods around bustling cities like Rome and Athens, you’ll also be engaged into a wide plot filled with intrigue. As was customary for the time, a battle between wealthy families takes place. Players can manipulate their family tree and engage into elections and other influential political dealings. It’s also possible to shoot cannons at sea, if that’s your thing. Multiplayer supports up to 4 players locally or online. Here’s a launch trailer.

In other news, the publisher has created a new brand dubbed Kobalt Games, which will release mid-tier titles, capped at a price of $29.99/29.99. Their first title will be an action roleplaying game (RPG) called Blood Knights, from the creators of Venetica. It will come out at the end of 2013 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Here are some screenshots and stuff.


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