Warface While Feverish Is Weird, But Still Fun

I recently fell ill; deliriously ill and not in the Beastie Boys manner. Having everything spin around you, when you’re tasked with playing 7 or so first-person shooters with head bobbing is rather disorienting. Therefore, many projects came to be on hold for a while, forcibly, which sucks if you’re a writer that people depend on for coverage.

Warface pc online multiplayer shooter beta gameplay screenshots

One game fell clear of the feverish nightmare, however. It was Warface, the game I already enjoyed immensely before that. It seems it can do no wrong. You can read my full preview about why it’s so good here.

Anyway, even Warface sometimes couldn’t retain my sanity, despite the high dosage of self-medication applied, to feint some sort of healthy state. A lot of it went into semi-coherent gameplay commentaries. Some of them didn’t, as they made little sense. I’ve compiled those in a clip full of Warface action, for your schadenfreude enjoyment.


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