I Finally Did Something Cool In Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is in Open Beta on PC, through Origin, right now and I’m terrible at it. I mean, I am really awful, with a Kill/Death ratio of .32, which is probably a new low in any game. It’s just so huge and chaotic for my old eyes, but I still love it. That’s why I’m determined to keep playing and loving it, despite being a ticket sponge, losing it for the team.

I did, however, finally manage to not embarrass myself with one of the game’s most pleasing aesthetics. When you sneak up on someone, you can perform a takedown, which is standard stuff in itself, except in this case, you also take their dog tags in shame. It’s a mechanism also available in Battlefield 3, but it’s great to see its return. There will even be counter-knifings possible in Battlefield 4. By providing a cosmetic addition to a regular design, it’s possible to drive players to pursue trickier kills, just for the bragging rights. It’s a subtle way to enhance gameplay, which I really appreciate in a game.

Battlefield 4 open Beta pc origin multiplayer shooter melee kill gif

Now, back to the fray to be terrible some more.


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