Space Hulk Warhammer Board Game Gets Free Campaign Update

Developer Full Control, known for the free-to-play game Frontline Tactics on Steam, has released a sizable update for Space Hulk. Along with tons of bug fixes, the 1.2 update of the Warhammer 40K board game adaptation also comes with a free campaign addition. Three more missions are available in “Messenger of Purgatory,” where Space Marine squads are tasked with retrieving their brother, Captain Atarius.

Space Hulk Warhammer 40K pc board game messenger of purgatory gameplay screenshots

Feedback for the game is that at a price of 30 bucks, the board game felt a bit light on content, despite also running a multiplayer section. Therefore, developer vetted content may help to sway the crowd a bit. One of the important updates to improve gameplay comes with an option to speed up the walk cycles of marines. Prior to that, it was necessary to move around different marines at once, to overcome this slow pace.

Hopefully, Full Control will periodically release a few more of these free, short campaigns. Until then, you can play your own story with a friend. It gets pretty tactical in those corridors.


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