Tommo Denies Neo Geo X Console Issues, Will Continue To Sell

There seems to be an issue with the NeoGeo X Gold emulation console, as companies SNK Playmore, holder of the license, have demanded the termination of manufacturer Tommo Inc.’s distribution of the item. This was announced in a press release on the SNK website, which states products are “unapproved.”

In turn, Tommo Inc. has denied that it is in breach of contract and that it will continue to sell the NeoGeo X Gold, along with all its cartridges and addition accessories. Additionally, they have demanded that SNK “retract its press release and any attempts to terminate the license agreement.”

Distribution site Funstock has released a statement in support of Tommo Inc.’s decision, stating it would continue to fully support the NeoGeo X products. A console is currently for sale at a price of €236.21, while most cartridges that add 3 more games are available for €29.62.


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