Golden Joysticks 2013 And Green Man Gaming Offers Voters Free Civ V Or Mafia II

It’s time to vote once more for the Golden Joystick Awards 2013 and Green Man Gaming has made it less boring this year, by offering a free game for people who put in the effort. For this event, they’ve teamed up with 2K Games to give gamers a chance at either Civilization V or Mafia II. It should be a landslide as to what game you should pick, but that’s not a shabby deal, to say the least.

Golden joystick awards 2013 green man gaming free game

Please note that this promotion is only available while stocks last and since a previous free game promotion from Green Man Gaming only lasted a few hours, this could mean you need to be pretty damn quick. Also, you need to actually vote, since you’ll get a mail upon registration, but it won’t be eligible without actually casting a vote. While the landing page mentions free games for consoles as well, for Mafia II, the terms and conditions only make mention of Steam keys, so take note. Moreover, sites are experiencing tremendous traffic, so be patient and allow for enough time for your registration to be handled.

You can find the link to claim a free game here.

Edit: Keys are being sent out!

Green man gaming golden joysticks free game key activation


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