Bundle Gameplay: Quickfire Indie – Bundle Stars

Bundles are getting pretty crazy lately, what with a ton of sites being up where gamers can take advantage of capitalism. To offer a bit more than the standard rundown of titles with a click button to go buy, buy, buy, I thought I’d start featuring cool games in said bundles, so you have more than just our word that they’re good. Additionally, this illustration would come with a bunch more details on what to expect from the bundle and its surrounding news.

Warframe steam pc game bundle stars

We’ll start this off with the latest Bundle Stars, which fired up its Quickfire Indie package, with no less than 7 Steam games at a ridiculous price of just cents over €3. Its main feature is Warframe, a free-to-play cooperative game that combines third-person shooter with tons of customization and enhancement elements in a shiny, futuristic setting. “You can’t bundle a free game,” I hear you say. You’re kind of right, but they’re giving away premium currency for it, way below the asking price. Also, 7 Steam games, remember?

Warfare pc steam gameplay gif

You can find gameplay commentary, as well as a rundown of why you should buy the Bundle Stars promotion in this video below. Leave us a comment on your thoughts and please subscribe.

You can find the Quickfire Indie bundle here.


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