This Is The Stanley Parable…Or Is It?

There is a difference between a game that’s blissfully confusing or arrogantly deceiving. I say that, because I once played a “game” called Unnamed and disliked it to such extent that I wrote off “experimental” games since then. Luckily, The Stanley Parable doesn’t seem to go the same route, I think. I think, because the two do share a ton of similarities, but let’s just discuss the latter.

In Stanley’s adventure about Stanley, Stanley, which is you, Stanley, goes to a place, inside a video game. There, things happen in a cleanly shaped room and some other rooms, while narration guides the entire experience with a ton of snark. That’s pretty much all that is immediately tangible in this PC game, where nothing is as it seems and every setup is a delivery into a new farce. Yet, there is a quaint charm that latches onto players so far, both admiring and taking cheeky jabs, to uplift and then befuddle once again. Anything else is best left in the experience of The Stanley Parable’s strange twisting between mystery and confusion.

The Stanley Parable pc steam gameplay screenshot preview

A tip of the veil can be lifted by watching this gameplay commentary, though it is sort of just going with the flow. Perhaps, in the interest in keeping one’s sanity, just going with it would be more appropriate.



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