Bundle Gameplay – Humble Weekly Sale With Focus Home Interactive

There are a lot of bundles running right now; enough to make my head spin, as you’ll notice in our latest gameplay commentary, where I mess up a lot in the first minutes. That should give you a preview of things to come. What we’ll be discussing here is the current Humble Bundle Weekly Sale, which promotes Focus Home Interactive. This is a publishing company I consider to be flying under the radar constantly, while actually producing a constant stream of, well, focused games.

game of thrones rpg pc steam gameplay screenshot

Surprisingly, they’ve decided to bring out the big guns and launch their top tier of titles all in one package in this bundle. It’s quite astounding what they all stuck into it, to be honest. There are several hundreds of hours of gameplay to be had for a minimum of $5, which I find to be a ridiculous price. Therefore, if you’re going to pick up this selection of broadly produced strategy and roleplaying games (RPG), worth hundreds of dollars, try to give a bit more this time.

From that package, we’ll be detailing the underrated Game of Thrones RPG, which got flak for anything from running its own, original characters through the George Martin universe, to bland action. In the stream, we’ll try to detail the things that it does right and the reason why this is worth looking into, despite issues, certainly at this price. Naturally, we also go over the other games and why you should pick those up. You can find out more info in this gameplay section below.

If you just want the games, you can find the Humble Weekly Sale with Focus Home Interactive here.


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