Devolver Digital Is Gaming’s Mashup King

It looks like publisher Devolver Digital got a taste of crossover content in Shadow Warrior and liked it so much that they decided they can’t stop. We’re totally cool with that.

Viscera-Cleanup-Detail-Shadow warrior gameplay gif

In their latest venture, they’ve paired the game Viscera Cleanup Detail (VCD) with Shadow Warrior. In VCD, players explore what happens after the first-person shooter, once the excitement of destroying people ends and there are nothing but blood and guts left. Players take the role of a janitor tasked with cleaning up the mess. This Shadow Warrior content is available on Steam for free. I streamed the gameplay, which takes more than an hour already, but the quality dropped, so you’ll have to make an active choice to go watch it here.

You can download Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior here.

Before this crossover, Shadow Warrior already added a katana from Hotline Miami to preorders, along with a dildo from Saints Row, because why not? In the game itself, players can find multiple references to other titles as well, along with tons of spoken references, which will also make an appearance in VCD.

We hope Devolver never stops doing this. It may be a bit gimmicky, but fans are sure to enjoy it.


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