Bundle Gameplay – Groupees 1C Mega Bundle

With the frequent recurrence of current game bundles, it looks like our gameplay commentary series is here to stay. Certainly since the latest Groupees promotion has over 25 games to choose from in the 1C Mega Bundle, we have lots of stuff to talk about in our latest video.

Groupees 1C mega bundle pc steam gameplay screenshot

To illustrate the many, many titles you’ll be able to pick from, we’ll play some Fantasy Wars, since it’s more colorful than most of the strategy titles that 1C Company specializes in. If you enjoy either roleplaying or war games, you’ll get the most out of this bundle, even if there are some other genres addressed here and there. More so, it comes with a stack of bonus games that are free for any purchase, no matter how small and buying the whole lot is much less than one buck per game. You’ll have plenty time to mull it over, since the full clip takes about an hour. So, grab some snacks and enjoy the show.

If you’re only here for the games, then you can buy the Groupees 1C Mega Bundle here.


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