Pokémon X/Y Breaks 4 Million Sales In Just 2 Days

Nintendo announced that its sale figures for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are through the roof already, with over 4 million units sold in the first weekend. Sales units were counted for the worldwide release, across all regions, for October 12 and October 13. While Nintendo stipulates that it has no real reference point, as no global launch was simultaneously done before, it does indicate that combining prior efforts together make this iteration have a 70% increase towards the Black/White 2 release. Additionally, sales figures for Europe are mostly counted for Saturday only, since most stores close on Sunday.

Pokémon X Y Nintendo 3DS Mega Evolution gameplay screenshots (6)

In the past, Diamond/Pearl and Ruby/Sapphire have held the most sold units, with 17.6 million and 16.2 million units sold respectively. Could this strong start mean a new champion?

Give us your thoughts if you’ve picked up and enjoyed Pokémon X/Y or give us a reason why you haven’t in the comments below.


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