Don’t Freak Out! Your Space Rangers HD Steam Copy May Be In Russian

Publisher 1C Company has released the remake Space Rangers HD: A War Apart, based on the second in the series, on Steam and other platforms. It’s currently up at €15.99 until October 24, 2013. After that, it will revert to the original price of €19.99.

However, there are some quirks in the system right now that may have you take a step back. For one, the main forum is filled with Cyrillic script, since the main community for the game is believed to be Russian. Secondly, users have reported that their game is in Russian as well, even if your store page is English. To those users: Don’t panic. It’s just a default.

Space Rangers HD A War Apart Russian Language Steam English fix

Since we’re not all tech savvy, here’s a simple solution to the English version:

In your Steam library, find “Space Rangers HD: A War Apart” and right click on the name. You’ll see a list of options. Click “Properties.” There, click the tab for “Language.” In that drop-down list, you should simply find a way to switch from Russian to English. You can now play in peace.

Space Rangers HD A War Apart pc steam gameplay screenshots

For those wondering what’s new in the remake, it has added pirate activity messing up the player’s balance. Battles have a shiny arcade feel, but there are also text adventures, for some classic fun. More importantly, the game is adapted to modern operating systems and should run on 1920×1200 displays. Since we’ve been trying for days to find a game in the Groupees 1C Mega Bundle to run on our modern desktop, this is good news on itself. Also, the game has Steam Trading Cards and we all know how much you like those.


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