Double The Fun And Half The Price For Gone Home, Today Only

If you’ve been waiting to try out Gone Home, but couldn’t justify the price, you may want to jump on board today, as it has gone 50% off. It does this to celebrate the addition of developer commentary that comes with the free-form game. Hey, that increases the replay value as well, since that was apparently also a point of aggravation for some.

Gone home pc steam game visual novel

Now, for double the fun and half the price, you can also wander around in a house, pick up objects and slowly uncover a story that’s been praised by critics everywhere. Get your opinionated little snouts all up in it and see for yourself if it’s good. You’ll only lose half the amount now, if you’re not satisfied. Who knows; maybe it is the epitome of storytelling you’ve been waiting for?

You can find out by purchasing Gone Home through their site.


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