Risk-Inspired World Conqueror 3D Gets 3DS Screenshots

Developer Circle Entertainment released a bunch of screenshots for its upcoming title World Conqueror 3D. As the company focuses on 3DS releases, you can expect this to board the Nintendo eShop soon as well. A release date for North America is set on November 14, 2013.

Essentially, World Conqueror 3D is an adaptation of the popular Risk board game. Players occupy certain territories on a world map and put an army there to defend it. Depending on the amount of forces present on any such terrain, it’s possible to enemies in neighboring places. These assaults can be done with a selected amount of units and they can be performed in different types. For instance, it’s possible to strike from the air to ground units or have ships attack land. Fights are determined with a set of dice rolls, depicted next to each unit.

Combat will stretch all over the globe in several detailed environments. Game modes will include Conquest as well as Campaigns. It’s possible to select one of several nations, like the USSR, Japan or UK.

Here are those screenshots we talked about.


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