Simpsons Mock Its Own Freemium System, Family Guy Is Stuck On Mario

This week’s episode of The Simpsons featured itself as a gaming reference. During a section in this cartoon called “Labor Pains,” Homer can be seen trying to play The Simpsons: Tapped Out on a mobile device.

Simpsons free to play in app purchases game gif

Ironically enough, the free-to-play game was ridiculed for its monetization elements. When Homer fires up the app, his card gets charged with a ridiculously staggering amount of $300. It’s not so free now, is it? It’s not sure what the message here is. Is it that in-app purchases are evil? Is linking your credit information to impulse spending mobile games dumb? If so, wouldn’t they want to limit the awareness of that? Who knows; it makes for a split second chuckle.

Family guy super mario bros meg luigi flag castle gif

On the same day, Family Guy went for another outdated Super Mario Bros reference, during its racist and self-indulgent episode of the Griffin family going to Italy. Maybe someone needs to tell Seth MacFarlane to stop forcing crooners in a modern cartoon and get a Nintendo Wii U. Perhaps it will make Emilia Clarke come back. We kid, Seth; we know that’s not happening.


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