Bundle Gameplay – Humble Weekly Sale w/ bitComposer Games

Bundles aren’t stopping. Holiday season or not, many PC titles are still up for grabs, such as the latest Humble Weekly Sale, which features bitComposer games. It has a total of six titles to choose from, in two different tiers. For just a buck, you’ll get four of them and scoring all of it costs a mere $6.


Despite ongoing issues, we do have a gameplay stream prepared on the tail end of this action, though it is rougher than usual. Not having software cooperate will do that, but we are still dedicated on bringing you deals. We tried something new, but it’s not yet up to snuff.

Regardless, enjoy Thunder Wolves from this bundle, which pays ample tribute to 90s arcade shooters, with its helicopter blasting extravaganza. That gives you some, admittedly choppy, action to hear about the rest of the deal.

If you just want games, you can find the Humble Weekly Bundle with bitComposer Games here.


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