Deadfall Adventures Video Review – It Tries

You know we discussed Deadfall Adventures in some footage before, because we wanted to wait for the game to actually release, so we could discuss the multiplayer, before reviewing it. It looks like this wait was in vain, as you can see in this multiplayer clip below.

Still, a review is a thing that we’re doing now, so you’ll get it in fully detailed video form below. If you’d like some bullet points, we have you covered as well.

Use of the Unreal Engine makes the world look vibrant and detailed, despite lesser character models, which accompany an asinine story, lifted from Indiana Jones. There is some competent shooting components, brought down by easy targets and lacking intelligence. Puzzles alters the dynamic, but their execution can become confusing, as do certain level sections. Despite having a clever, multi-faceted design for multiplayer sections, there is nothing going on there.

For the full view, please watch this short video review.


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