Top 5 Hidden Steam Autumn Sale Games, 75%+ Discount For €10 In Total

Kiss your wallets before forcefully gaping a giant hole in them, because the Steam Autumn Sale 2013 is upon us. Once more, hundreds upon hundreds of titles receive a sizable discount. Right now, the front page has 9 main sales up, with 4 additional flash sales that will last only a few hours.

Those are, however, far from the only things up right now. More so, an entire list of interesting games offer even deeper cuts in their price, without the shiny spot on the front page. We wouldn’t want you to miss them, so we collected a few that have in excess of a 75% discount applied to them. Hell, the total will only set you back about €10 for the grand total of 5 sparkly new Steam games. There’s also no counter on these, so feel free to gather your funds first. This promotion lasts until December 3, 2013.

Here are top 5 Steam Autumn Sale hidden gems:

5. Bientôt l’été – €2.49 (75%)

Bientot L'ete pc steam game autumn sale

This game gets a bit of a bad rep for being esoteric. As an explorative immersion, it offers more context than active gameplay. Now is the time to get in cheap, to see if it’s worth it.

4. Roller Coaster Rampage – €2.49 (75%)

Roller-coaster-rampage-pc steam game autumn sale gif

It’s a game where your rollercoaster builds itself, while you’re riding it. How did we ever miss that? It’s hard to understand, so you need to see it for yourself to believe it.

3. Under the Ocean – €1.99 (75%)

Under the Ocean pc steam game autumn sale

As a side-scrolling survival game against the elements, it has some competition. It sets itself apart by providing its own tropical take, as well as let players discover how to manage it by themselves.

2. Retro/Grade – €2.49 (75%)

Retro Grade pc steam game autumn sale

Recently, the developer mentioned in their Kickstarter campaign for Neverending Nightmares that this game’s financial failure brought them to depression. It’s a gorgeous rhythm game, so get it cheap now.

1. Super Hexagon – €0.59 (80%)

Super Hexagon pc steam game autumn sale

It’s 59 cents! You probably bought something today that cost more and will get you a lot less value.

Bonus Round: Paranautical Activity €2.78 (69%)

It fell through the cracks with its odd 69% cut, but at less than €3, it’s still a fun, random shooter. Pick it up if you have some overlap, because that’s really cheap, for a game who isn’t even fully released yet.


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