We’re Playing Games Pulled From Steam, So You Don’t Have To

It’s the season of sales and that means that every PC gamer in the universe is depleting their resources to a variety of commerce. Not only Steam is having a sale; you may want to check Gamersgate and Green Man Gaming as well. You know we always want the best for you.

While you scour for the game you’d like most, let us tell you about those you’d like least. We recently strung together an unfortunate series of less than stellar games for review. One thing we noticed they had in common is that they both were pulled from Steam. Some games are so poor that people even refuse to sell them. For some reason, we’ll play those games too and we don’t even charge for it. It seems like a missed opportunity now. You’re still free to donate though; just casually dropping that one.

Ashes-Cricket-2013-fail-pc-steam gameplay pulled glitch bug gif

Game of the Year Edition

Our first offering is called Ashes Cricket 2013 and it’s not only bad because it’s cricket. Frankly, if a game could explain to us what the sport is about, we’d be thrilled. We don’t think, however, that a title where characters vibrate and twirl around in place are what the sport entails.

For our second serving of bad taste, we look to Dark Matter. This explorative adventure game does have some good ideas. It really does. Maybe that’s why it has come back to Steam, after initially being wiped. Sadly, it’s necessary to overcome its unfinished development at all times in the game. That makes it a lot less enjoyable. It’s like someone trying to punch you every five seconds, while you’re trying to play a game.

Say a little prayer for us for taking one for the team. You won’t have to bother picking these up.


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