The Walking Dead Season 2 Has Omid Confirmed As Returning Character

In a bit of a spoiler, Telltale Games just released a screenshot of The Walking Dead on Facebook with characters for Season 2 of the game. Its adventure will continue with Clementine from Season 1, but will also see the reappearance of Omid.

Omid The Walking Dead Season 2 episode 1 all that remains gameplay screenshot

This young male gets picked up by the original group in episode 3 from the first season, but then he parts ways with protagonist Lee in the grand finale, together with his girlfriend Christa. It’s not yet confirmed if she’ll still be alive as well.

The image in question has the two known characters meet up somewhere around Gil’s Pitstop, which is used as a pivotal point in the 400 Days downloadable content for the game.

Don’t worry if you’re concerned about spoilers, as there are still many factors unknown by the teaser image. For instance, it isn’t said whether this emergence is dependent of prior choices or not and that is a big part of this conversational adventure title.

The first episode of Season 2 from the Walking Dead should release this month for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 and be called “All That Remains.”


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