Half-Life 3 Confirmed! (According to Steamworld Dig)

So, we’re playing Steamworld Dig for review, since the Nintendo 3DS version will be coming to Steam this week. While doing some digging and other various puns with the steam and/or digging trait, we came across a rather peculiar reference.

Steamworld dig pc steam half life 3 confirmed gameplay screenshots

Somewhere in the depths of the ruins that populate this cavernous game, we found a game shop selling promise of a certain item with a familiar logo. More so, a recognizable face was plastered around it. A symbol “3” stands next to a banner simply marked “soon.” Next to the shop, eager fans have died, waiting in line. It is the Holy Grail.

Ok, we admit it’s getting really late and the contents of this article aren’t to be held with any seriousness, but we had a right old chuckle. It turns out that Steamworld Dig has a lot of chuckling going on. It’s been pretty damn compelling so far to go ever deeper into the dirt. We’ll see where it goes from there.


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