Steam Greenlight Adds Tons Of Games, Developer Doesn’t Even Notice Approval

Did you know that Steam Greenlight just approved 100 more projects? No, not last month, but just this week. That brings the total up to 309 games in the last two months, which is a lot to look forward to. This Top 10 list therefore tried to trim the fat and list just the top tier, which includes a game from developer Playniac.

In a comical, yet telling turn of events, this news was even a surprise to the company. When prompted with congratulations for making the list, Playniac was not even aware of being approved on Steam Greenlight in the first place. Ain’t that something?

Steam Greenlight pc game overload confusion devs dont know

After thinking it was just a commendation for being on Greenlight in general, the developer said on Twitter: “Wait, what, we got #Greenlit???!!!!” Punctuation aside, the stupefaction was genuine and subsequently, the page for their game received an update with this success.

Now, we know for a fact that developers receive a mail from Valve upon approval, so it’s not like there’s no communication. That said, could it be that the frequency of approvals is going overboard lately? This seems like a rather big blip on the radar to miss, certainly as it’s vital for some games.

Do you think Steam Greenlight is approving too many games at once or do you feel it’s done properly like this?

Let us know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Steam Greenlight Adds Tons Of Games, Developer Doesn’t Even Notice Approval

  1. How you go from saying they greenlit the game to asking “is steam greenlighting too many games” baffles me… Steam is doing just fine man no need to say things like this. Steam is helping foster some of the most creative games in the indie scene and bring them to light. Let’s not shoot ourselves in the foot here by asking dumb questions (no offense).

    • That’s not what I go on saying though, but you can read what you want to read, that’s fine too.
      In case I should defend myself on the not offensive statement, I’d like to state that there is no such thing as a dumb question.

      Thank you for letting your voice be heard. Appreciate it yo.

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