The Novelist Is Out – Watch All Of It Here

So, The Novelist is out. It’s an indie game on PC about a family and their house. In that house, they have to deal with the fact that they’re all selfish and want their own conflicts to be resolved. It’s a pretty decent game about relationships. It’s almost like a book of sorts. You can read a review here.

the novelist pc game

It hasn’t been fun reviewing it, despite adoring this concept. In fact, it’s been a massive, personal disappointment. That’s only partially the game’s fault, so don’t expect any negativity there. Still, when recording the following gameplay commentary in the middle of the night, to make up for a lot of lost time before that, it’s harder to relate. There will still be relating and explaining, but it may be lined with some less clear thoughts.

You can gun the entire game in about an hour, so sit back and enjoy it all, if you want an extended demo. The slightly abridged video skips past anything beyond the gross lines though, so if you play it yourself, you’ll be able to discover many more attachments.


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