Oh 3DS Miiverse, You Are Quaint

Finally, we dopey 3DS owners can enjoy what sounds like the best thing ever with the Nintendo Miiverse. A recent system update has installed the community on our handhelds and we’re now ready to discuss with all our pals and make new friends, in theory.

In practice, the board seems to devolve into mostly empty shouts, spamming of friend codes and more nonsense. It’s just like any other community then.

I’ve tried my hand at this wondrous new world by posting some drawings, since the 3DS serves up the perfect facilitating tool for that. Hell, I still design my things with Colors! 3D on the portable device, so a doodle should work too. Again, that’s mostly true in theory.

With the limited space of messages, you need to get really creative with your drawing style, which narrows down the screen to a few pixels of height. Therefore, your best bet is to make a close-up shot of anything’s face in one of the instantly overwhelmed boards.

3DS miiverse nintendo drawing fail

My first attempt was put in the Year of Luigi community, because that exists for some reason. I had to redraw the whole thing, because the tools aren’t quite clear, but it got done. A second attempt didn’t go down as well, despite knowing how to handle the system better. Apparently, the Lickitung Pokémon I came up with was too hot for audiences. I think that reflects more on the audience than my drawing of a fictional pink ball.

3DS miiverse nintendo drawing fail, pokemon, banned, lickitung, sex, porn

I recorded the event on crappy instagram pictures, because that’s what you do. I love the expression of my Mii, as if they can’t believe it that a Pokémon can be flagged for sexual content. I can’t either, buddy.

If you want to find me on the 3DS sphere, my friend code is: 5155 – 3088 – 5853.


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