World of Diving Shows Pre-Alpha And Sets Up Community Leveling System

Explorative PC title World of Diving released a trailer to show off some early gameplay. Players go underneath the water in first person, to discover what the depths hold.

You can play the game in multiplayer and coordinate with signals used in actual diving sessions as well. There are also tools, like small motors, to propel you forward. By using a camera, you can collect information about things you find. Exploring wrecks, you may even find some treasure now and then.

Games like these, such as Depth Hunter or Reef Shot, often have a hard time getting off the ground. It looks like that may change for World of Diving. It has a few interesting systems to keep players on the lookout and its particle effects are up to par, to keep the water from feeling tedious.

World-of-diving-pc-gameplay steam alpha

Additionally, you can already start participating on the website for the game, to unlock items or even gain early access to this game recently approved through Steam Greenlight. By completing missions that are linked to becoming an active community member, you’ll rise in the ranks and get more out of it. It’s a pretty clever symbiosis.

You can find World of Diving on


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