Marvel Heroes 2.1 Adds Ghost Rider, New Gameplay Content And Trailers

After its release and subsequent piecemeal additions, massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Marvel Heroes is still rolling strong with the latest 2.1. Siege update. This addition has both a new playable character in store, as well as some freshly available content.

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If you’ve been dying to get your hands dirtier in the PC roleplaying game (RPG), you can do so now with Ghost Rider and his flaming justice. He’s a leather jacket wearing flaming skulls on a bike with chains. We dare you to find someone more rugged than that. Here’s a trailer, if you’re not yet convinced.

Going further on its Asgard update, 2.1 adds combat zones, boss fights and more. Malekith will pop up and require a whole lot of heroes to take down the villain. Then, there’s Loki up to his old tricks, which will go through Odin’s Throne Room. Some fierce opponents join the lineup, with Kronan, Rock Trolls and others. Players are also given more story missions, with voice acting and motion comics inside.

Recently, Marvel Heroes announced advance packs that “allow” players to pay over $100 for content that will gradually make their way, up to 2015, with some having no release date. Personally, I don’t think it’s a healthy mentality to throw such income towards things that aren’t even set in stone yet. Then again, Kickstarter seems to run on a similar business model, so maybe I’m too skeptical about the stability of MMO’s. I sure hope, for consumers’ sake, that I’ll be proven dead wrong and everyone will love doing this.

marvel heroes pc free to play mmo rpg gameplay gif


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