Steam Badges Are A Depressing Way To Find Out Your Game Didn’t Sell

With the Steam Holiday Sale in full effect, I do some added effort to craft more badges, for additional goodies. Following our guide for optimal money returns on the Steam Marketplace, I sold off Deadfall Adventures cards at the start, since they were in high value and low supply. Returning now, cards had become more available, due to the slight 25% discount likely granting them a sale or two. I decided to eat my winnings to craft myself shiny badge for the shooter as well, since I thought it made a proper effort. You can see that in our video review.

deadfall adventures badge crafting steam trading cards pc gif

My yields were poor, granting only a few common items, but no matter. I craft badges to complete games I enjoyed or played; I’m not too concerned with what I get from it. I haven’t used one coupon since it was implemented. When looking at my profile, however, I was taken aback that a regular Level 1 badge, out of a possible 5, was atop my rarest badge collection. It even thwarts an emblem acquired with only special foil cards. This omen led me to investigate how the marketplace was favoring the game. Its stance there was no less poor.

deadfall adventures badge crafting steam trading cards pc rare

I was even more shocked to see that items there were so thinly spread that my common background was currently being rivaled by less than a dozen others. Common items are handed out aplenty with each badge crafting. This can only mean that no sizable audience has yet put in the effort to complete the, admittedly huge, set of Deadfall Adventures cards.

deadfall adventures badge crafting steam trading cards pc background sale

Eventually, my background sold for $1.5, which is a stupendous amount for such a commonplace item, especially when you know that Rare pieces can go for less on more popular titles. I even sold it low, because my competitors are still pawning off this very same Pyramids of Egypt image for $2 or more.

While there are a few factors to consider here, such as how many cards are needed, how many people bother using their cards and so on, it is an indication of sales, at the very least. This is one way to find out a game has absolutely tanked in the sales figures. Perhaps the larger irony here is that Deadfall Adventures desperately needs numbers to become the rich, fulfilling title it deserves to be. Reality can be depressing at times.

At least now I know for certain why no one was ever online for multiplayer matches. No one bought this game. I liked it.


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