GOG.com Forced To Remove Fallout Series From Its Catalog – Happy New Year!

Well, not everyone will cap off 2013 in style, since online storefront GOG.com was just forced to remove Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics from their catalog. These classics had been with the company since the start of their 5 years of existence.

There is no real explanation given just yet for the removal, except it being “circumstances beyond [GOG] control.” In a later Tweet, the company stated:

We’ll try to provide additional details as soon as it is possible and–if possible–keep you updated on important developments.

Likely, a license agreement with Bethesda has run its course and the publisher is having other ideas for the franchise. Something, something, Fallout 4 confirmed.

GOGcom library falout 2 tactics pc game list account

People who did purchase the strategy series at some point need not fear the removal of the game from their personal libraries. This whole DRM-free deal should have you owning the game regardless, unless you’ve never stored it for your own. Consider this a wake-up call to do that from time.

Luckily for GOG.com and its users, the Fallout series was just recently handed out for free to any of its audience that would grab it within 48 hours. Hopefully, most of you will have leapt to the opportunity.

Happy New Year, I guess.


One thought on “GOG.com Forced To Remove Fallout Series From Its Catalog – Happy New Year!

  1. Actually, we know a bit more than this article makes out. It’s not a license agreement with Bethesda having run it’s course, GOG have never had dealings with Bethesda because the classic Fallout games were owned by Interplay. Tonight however, the ownership transfers to Bethesda and either they’re waiting for the transfer before making a new deal with Bethesda OR Bethesda are just dicks. Hard to say.

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